Rant the First August 11, 2004:
Wow what were the odds? I AM still alive! Well if it makes you feel any better about my lack of updates, I did get beat for waiting so long to get back to work on the comic. Anyways I'm doing my best to get back on schedule. I have an email address now too, so feel free to email me telling me I need to get back on track too. Haha who knows maybe after enough death threats I'll get the message :D

May 31, 2004:
Wow my very first rant. And it only took me 3 months! You know it takes years of practice to be as lazy as I am. Very few others can compete. I promise not to let you down either. My laziness will never be slackened. Seriously though I have a lot of tests and stuff to do, but by the end of June I should be updating on schedule again. In the mean time, please bear with me.

Lindsey B.